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FRONTLINE Selling is a premier lead generation company that equips sales teams like yours with proven solutions that aim to generate pipeline and grow your business.

We help our clients create more sales opportunities and hit their numbers by utilizing demonstrated expertise, customizable solutions and results-driven data.

We specialize in healthcare IT, tech/software and complex sales, but our 17 years of experience lends itself to any industry.

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Now more than ever, it's critical for B2B organizations to stay in market to avoid falling behind competitors.

Let us handle your business development needs so you can focus on your day-to-day operations during these difficult times. When things go back to normal, we can continue to create sales opportunities for you or train your team to execute our proven methodology.  

With FRONTLINE, companies benefit by:

  • Delivering a consistent message in the marketplace
  • Continually create brand awareness
  • Generating sales opportunities
  • Data enrichment



Convert more leads
into opportunities


Fully Customizable Programs


Effective Pipeline Development




Guided Sales Solutions

Eliminates guesswork on how to effectively connect with prospects


Build Quality Pipeline

Process initially created from 1.8 million outreach efforts, validated over 14 years


Social Selling Success

Increase brand awareness and share company-approved content with prospects


Just a sample of the many believers in FRONTLINE Selling and our ability to help B2B organizations create new business opportunities and drive more revenue. 

patrick taylor headshot

Patrick Taylor

"After 4 years using Staccato Pro, we continue to successfully build our pipeline and experience excellent results. I highly recommend FRONTLINE Selling as a long-term solution for any B2B organization’s demand generation challenges."

Fred Sheffield headshot

Fred Sheffield

"Implementing Staccato has brought true business rhythm to PMMC’s buyer engagement strategy.  Activating the Social DNA in our target market has simplified the process of engaging Mobilizers, directly allowing our Sales team to deliver our unique insight to stakeholders in the organizations that matter most."

Matt Lang

Matt Lang

"We continue to use FRONTLINE because they are the best at what they do and this program eliminates the need for recruiting, training or retaining business development staff. They effectively pursue targeted accounts on our behalf and develop a solid pipeline, which enables my team to focus their time on advancing and closing business."

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