Real, Unedited Client Comments


 Client CEO - "Congratulations on three MI's already!  Things are kicking off well. You are both single-handedly having an effect on our company's effect that is deeply needed post-COVID. It's deeply appreciated."


"The MI went great, we have an onsite meeting with the CEO next Friday. Kudos to you and the team for finding this one. 😊"


"Thanks to Tasha and Tom - so appreciate them working so hard everyday partnering with me!!! Came back from the holiday to MIs waiting for me."


"I just love Lauren Kornitsky. She’s humble, pulls no punches and tells it like it is. She is one of the biggest reasons why we went with FRONTLINE Selling.”


"Thank you – FYI my pipeline is about 60% generated from Frontline – I think everyone in the organization is pleased." 


"Let me just say that Christine is pleasantly persistent. It’s not an easy task to get our attention, but she managed to do it, so kudos."


"This was a terrific tee-up, Tanner. Great job."


"KUDOS to Candace on our recent MI with Duke University – had a great conversation through MI and it was exactly the kind of opportunity we want with the multifaceted direction we are moving into. Great job Candace."


"Thanks for all of your hard work in these tumultuous times.”