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I can't hear you when you wear sunglasses.

Posted by Cherie Stowe

Nov 21, 2014 10:26:00 AM


Have you ever noticed that when you’re talking to someone whose eyes are hidden behind dark sunglasses that you’re constantly straining to be able to see their eyes, to “see” what they’re thinking, to “hear” them better?  We all try to listen, to understand, to relate to others – and we can all learn to do it better.

Learning to “hear” what your prospects are saying is an essential selling skill – and also, a pretty essential life skill as well.  The better you are at listening and in turn, understanding your prospect, the faster you will build rapport, understanding and trust.

I’ve listed some awareness and listening skills below that will help you become a better listener and actually be able to hear what the other person is saying -- not just what you think they are saying or what you want to hear.

Now I know that you may find yourself feeling a bit stilted at first, but it won’t sound that way to your audience.  We all want to be heard and understood – and when people can make us feel that way, we are much more apt to trust them and listen to their ideas as well.

Repeat what you think the person said — not verbatim, but by paraphrasing what you heard in your own words. For example, “Let me see if I’m clear about this . . . sounds like . . . ” 

Bring together the facts and pieces of the problem to check understanding — for example, “So, it sounds to me as if . . .”  -- or --  “Am I getting the right picture?” 

Instead of just repeating what has been said, reflect the speaker’s words in terms of feelings — for example, “Sounds like you’ve tried some things that really haven’t worked very well and now you’re really feeling the pressure to find a solution.”  

Part of really understanding your prospect’s real business issues may involve talking about the possible consequences of not achieving the stated goals.   “What would the impact be to your company or to you personally if you could not achieve those goals?”

Start practicing today with friends, family and colleagues.  Go ahead, test it out with a real prospect.  You’ll be amazed.

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Better sales results in 3 steps for unicorns and the rest of us . . .

Posted by Cherie Stowe

Nov 18, 2014 2:38:00 PM


In planning for today’s post, I ran across a 2013 article by Tripp Braden entitled, “25 Ways to AIM for Better Sales Results,” and realized it’s one of those thoughtful pieces that stands up over time. 

It also seemed to tie in beautifully to this great unicorn quote I’ve loved for years. 

Tripp based his outline on three areas: AIM: Assess, Inspire and Manage. I share some excerpts from his article below:


 Great sales professionals:

  • assess their clients’ organizations more than averages sales professionals
  • review progress of their accounts often
  • understand the risks and opportunities of their clients’ business
  • ask questions to make sure they have the right people involved in the process
  • identify potential bottlenecks
  • keep in front of clients with information that ensures the deal moves forward
  • constantly assess the situation to make sure there are no surprises at the end


 Good salespeople:

  • sell benefits versus features
  • inspire their clients to take action
  • uncover their clients’ personal motivations and make sure these are discussed often
  • share support materials to remind the buyer of the positive end result of a decision
  • share multiple great stories of past clients with similar results.
  • understand the more motivated their buyer is, the more quickly the sale closes

M is for Manage

Effective sales professionals:

  • understand great sales require managing
  • build their sales process so they can manage it
  • create milestones to achieve throughout the sales process
  • manage the clients’ expectations throughout the sale
  • map their process with their clients’ unique needs
  • ensure all the right steps are taken so the client makes the buying decision
  • know when to bring additional resources into the sales process
  • manage the sales time clock to make sure their clients are ready to buy at the right time
  • continuously manage challenging clients by leveraging different options for their clients’ success
  • manage their client’s expectations and resources so they are able to make a decision
  • get all the right individuals involved and build a successful team on the client’s side
  • engage all stakeholders in the process, thus ensuring a successful result 

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Does your sales team leave the perfect voicemail every time?

Posted by Cherie Stowe

Nov 11, 2014 2:15:00 PM


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One of the the challenges for sales people today is crafting that perfect voicemail so that your coveted prospect will call you back.  Download our Voicemail Best Practices eBook to read an award winning voicemail as well as learn the 5 most important voicemail components.

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CEO Webinar: "Mind the Gap"

Posted by Cherie Stowe

Nov 5, 2014 2:17:00 PM


CEO Webinar |  November 13  | 1:00 pm EST

Are your prospecting efforts driving the results you want? Don’t miss this inspiring presentation focused on prospecting optimization. Explore a critical and often unrecognized gap between what you think you do and what you are actually doing when it pertains to prospecting. 

Understanding this gap, and the impact it could have on your sales in Q4 — and into 2015, will forever change your thinking about prospecting.

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Happy Halloween

Posted by Cherie Stowe

Oct 31, 2014 3:14:42 PM


Happy Halloween from the FRONTLINE Selling team.  Contact us today at 877-726-7871, sales@frontlineselling.com,  www.frontlineselling.com

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